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The hydro energy production of Romania increased by 21.2% last year


The production of hydro energy of Romania increased by 21.2% last year, as compared to 2017, getting to 4 million tons equivalent petrol (tep) according to a report made by the British company BP at world level.

The biggest producer of hydro energy of the EU was Finland with 14.5 tep, more by 30.5% against the previous year. There follows Sweden with 14 tep (dropping by 4.7%) and Italy with 10.4 tep ( up by 33%).
At world level, the production of hydro energy increased by 31.1% up to the level of 948.8 tep.

China is first in the world for this kind of production, with a production of 272.1 tep last year up by 3.2%.

Second is Brasil, with 87 tep, up by 4.5% and third was occupied by the US which generated 65.3 tep of hydro energy with 2.7% less than the previous year.