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The ministry of energy: there are companies interested to get into offshore exploitation of gas


Dan Dragan, state secretary in the ministry of energy says that there are important companies who want to get on the market of offshore gas extraction in Romania

‘The ministry of economy announced that they prepare an amendment of the offshore legislation which they intend to place under public debate and send it to the new parliament as soon as possible. The purpose is to eliminate as many barriers as possible and free important investments for the Black Sea platform. In this regard, we have already made important steps, with the new programmed for gas release which has increased the obligation to sell on the central markets half of the offshore production. Similarly, we see important companies which are interested to get into offshore gas exploitation’ stated Dragan, in an online conference.

This in the context where, one year ago, ExxonMobil, who owns half of the Neptun Deep perimetre (with gas reserves estimated at 42-84 billion cubic metres) announced they want to withdraw from Romania.

Initially, among those interested to take over the Exxon stake are the Poles of PGNiG but they also announced, recently, that they renounce this intention. In the context, the minister of energy, Virgil Popescu stated, in October, that Romgaz wants to take over the Exxon package.

In their turn, the Russians with Lukoil want to leave the Trident project which they have exploited in partnership with Romgaz, although there were found reserves estimated at 30 billion cubic metres.

For comparison, Romania produces at present 10-11 billion cubic metres of gas per year.