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The net profit of Oil Terminal Constanta has increased by 58% in Q1


The Oil Terminal Constanta company, the state-run operator of the oil terminal at t he Black Sea has recorded in Q1 this year a net profit of 6.34 million lei, up by 58% from 4 million lei during the similar period of 2020 and the turnover increased by 7%, at 47.82 million lei, from 44.63 million lei in Q1 of 2020.


The turnover made in Q1 2021 is 47,827.652 lei. Against the same period of the previous year there was an increase of 3,189.473 lei (…). In Q1 2021 the company registered a gross profit of 7, 359,154 lei a net profit worth 6,341.159 lei’ the report of the company says.


Similarly, the total value of expenses for investment registered in Q1 2021 is  1,938,547 lei,representing 1,898,277 lei investment expenses for tangible assets and 40,270 lei investment expenses for non-tangible assets.

The Romanian state represented by the ministry of energy is the main shareholder and owns 59.62% of the social capital. The company has 950 employees.

The Oil Terminal Company is listed on BVB and has a market value of 108.6 milion lei.


Oil Terminal Constanta has a storage capacity of almost 1.5 million cubic metres and it is the biggest operator at sea in the Constanta Harbour, specialised in the handling of  oil,oil products, petro-chemica liquids and other finite products or liquid raw materials for import, export and transit. The main competitors on the domestic market for Oil Terminal are: Portul Midia terminal, exploited by Rompetrol Rafinare, terminal Unicom-Oil ntTerminal in Galati, Frial SA Constanta. The main competitors on the foreign market are: terminal of Omisalje port in Croatia which took over the oil transit to Serbia and the Terminal Reni.