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The Oltenia Energy Unit finalised the acquisition of the certificates of CO2 for the energy produced in 2020


The Oltenia Energy Unit, one of the biggest producers of energy in the country, announces that they finalised the acquisition of CO2 certificates allocated for the energy produced in 2020, the value being 315 million euro.


 ‘In the Plan for Restructuring and decarburization sent to the European Commission there were estimated values between 26 and 35 euro for one certificate. The state aid approved recently by the government, worth 241 million euro, covered the initial estimate, and the difference of 74 million euro was supported by the funds of the company’ the company says.


According to the legislative provisions, if the CO2 certificates for the previous year were not acquired by 30th April,the penalties would be 100  euro/certificate more than the obligation of acquisition.


The obligation to acquire all CO2 certificates appeared after 2013 when free of charge allocations for the energy sector stopped and the prices of certificates had a spectacular growth from 4-5 euro in 2017 to over 47 euro at present.


 ‘Thus, the Oltenia Energy Unit paid from their own funds, since 2012 when the  company was founded to the present over one billion euro for the CO2 certificates. Every year, CE Oltenia acquired, according to the law, the whole quantity of CO2 certificates corresponding to the energy produced.Until2020, CE  Oltenia did not receive any financial support from the state’ the company says.