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The price of gas on the free market increased by 25-30% against September


The price of gas on the free market is higher at present by 25-30% against September but the household consumers can change their provider or they can go back to the regulated market 21 days since the notification of the energy company, stated on Tuesday Silvia Vlasceanu, executive manager of the Federation of the Association of the Companies for Utilities in Energy (ACUE).

This after the Authority for Regulation announced that the household users can come back to regulated prices which will not grow until 2022.

“ We don’t know what the prices on the new regulated market might be. The household consumer who signed a contract on the competition market may go back to the regulated market, even  in the case of a contract with a competitive provider. Now, everyone knows what he signed and what kind of contract he has, as this contract is not regulated, it belongs on a market where everyone negotiated something else. On the other hand, there are legal provisions over the judicial value of a contract, according to which the right of a consumer to change his provider in 21 days since notification cannot be stopped’ Vlasceanu said.

According to her, at present it is not know what the regulated prices might be, so that nobody can say if it is better for a household consumer with a  contract on the free market to go back to the regulated sector.
‘On the other hand, the price of gas is going up. On the free market, the prices went up by 25-30% against September. The other regulated components did not change, the transport tariff, distribution and the margin for supply were not modified’ Vlasceanu said.

As for electricity, the prices on the spot market are at present almost double against the levels in summer.

Previously, on Tuesday ANRE issued a press release according to whom the energy price and natural gas prices for household consumers in regulated regime will not grow until 2022 as a result of the provisions OUG 114/2018.

‘The OUG 114/2018 provisions corroborated with the secondary legislation issued  by ANRE in its application will not lead to growth of prices for electricity and natural  gas supplied by the household clients who opt for regulated regime between 01.03.2019 – 28.07.2022 for electricity and between 01.01.2019 – 28.02.2022 for natural gas ‘ the institution press release shows.

Moreover, the household consumers have the possibility to go back on the regulated market according to OUG 114, thing which was not allowed until now on the gas market.