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The production of hydro, wind and photovoltaic energy estimated at almost 2.3 million tep in 2022


The production of hydro, wind and photovoltaic energy this year is estimated at 2.295 million tons oil equivalent (tep), up by 3.6% as compared to 2021, according to the estimation of the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis.

In 2023, the production of energy from these sources would increase by 3.9% at 2.385 million tep, in 2024 by 4.1% at 2.485 million tep and in 2025 by 4.4% at 2.590 million tep.

As regards the production of nuclear – electrical energy, this is estimated in 2022 at 2.870 million tep, up by 1% as compared to 2020, to be constant for the following three years.

CNSP estimates that Romania will import in 2022 a quantity of electrical energy of 400,000 tep, dropping by 43% against the previous year. In 2023, import of electricity will be 500,000 tep (plus 25.1% against 2022), in 2024 of 600,000 tep (plus 20.1%) and in 2025, 700,000 tep (plus 16.7%).