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Traian Basescu: Support to Romgaz in Shah Deniz II exploitation, sign of trust between Romania and Azerbaijan

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday decorated Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Romania Eldar Hasanov, who is at the end of his mandate, an occasion on which the Head of State referred to the fact that the Azeri Government supported the presence of Romgaz in the Shah Deniz II exploitation, a fact that is 'a sign of trust' between the two countries.

The ceremony took place at the Cotroceni Palace. The Head of State conferred on the Azeri diplomat the National Order for Merit, in rank of Grand Cross, 'as a sign of high appreciation for the personal contribution he made to the development at various levels between Romania and the Republic of Azerbaijan.'

President Basescu said that, taking the bilateral relation with Azerbaijan as a basis, Romania managed to subsequently develop some 'consolidated relations' in the Caspian Sea region, Central Asia, with countries that are of major interest in the region, such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan.

'Also the bilateral relation that practically covered the entire range of consolidated relations, from culture to economic relations, from trade exchanges to the development of some wide-scope projects such as Nabucco or AGRI, were achievements during your mandate. The Azeri Government supporting the presence of Romgaz in the Shah Deniz II exploitation was another sign of trust between Romania and Azerbaijan,' added the Romanian Head of State.

'I would like to mention something quite special in connection with what you managed to do during your mandate. In the cultural field they translated more than 60 theatre plays, poets, novelists from the Romanian into Azeri. It was maybe the most generous cultural undertaking we have had with another state in such a short time,' said President Basescu.

In his turn the Azeri diplomat said he was impressed, thanked for the decoration he had received and added that it was a day he would never forget.

'I spent 12 years and 20 days in a friendly country, Romania. I am proud to have been an Ambassador to a friendly country, Romania,' said Hasanov.

He added that Romania and Azerbaijan were strategic partners and the 'friendship' between Traian Basescu and his Azeri counterpart also contributed to the strengthening of this relation.

'During your term in office the trade exchanges grew 60 times. The investment made by Azerbaijan in Romania also increased,' also said the Ambassador.

He insisted on thanking the President for allowing a Moslem cemetery to exist in Bucharest.

'You and the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan have created bridges between these two regions, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea regions, and everybody in Europe must know it,' also said Hasanov.