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Transgaz triples capacity of gas interconnector to Moldova


Transgaz announced that from October 1, the technical capacity of the Ungheni interconnection point (IP) will increase on both directions. Thus, on the direction Romania – Republic of Moldova, the maximum technical capacity will be at the level of 5.076 mcm / day (0o C), respectively 57,542 MWh / day (15/15o C), and on the direction Republic of Moldova – Romania, the maximum technical capacity will be at the level of 0.93 mcm / day (0o  C), respectively 10,543 MWh / day (15/1o C).

The new values result from an addendum concluded between Transgaz and Vestmoldtransgaz, which updated the common method for determining capacity in PI Ungheni. e-nergia.ro reminds that in 2020, when it was completed and since it is operational, the gas pipeline had a transport capacity of 1.5 million cubic meters on the Romania-Republic of Moldova relationship, and 200,000 cubic meters on the Moldova – Romania relationship. Therefore, in the direction of Moldova, the technical capacity was increased 3.3 times, and in the opposite direction, from Moldova to Romania, 4.6 times.

The capacity available in PI Ungheni for the gas year 2021-2022 can be reserved through the GMOIS Platform, owned by Transgaz, according to the “first come-first served” capacity allocation method, based on the provisions of the Network Code. Network users may request firm capacity products as of 5 July 2021.

The project was commissioned last year when the capacity in the Romania-Moldova direction was 1.5 mln cubic meters per day.

Even so, the interconnector was used at a very low capacity as long as the reforming of the Moldovan natural gas market, and particularly the unbundling of the transport and distribution activities of the Gazprom-controlled Moldovatransgaz/Moldovagaz, have not been pursued yet.

In the reverse direction, the capacity of the interconnector was boosted as well, from 200,000 cubic meters per day to over 900,000 cubic meters per day.