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Deputy PM Turcan: There is money to increase pensions, no need for this topic to be brought up


Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan said on Wednesday that the money to increase pensions was provided for in the budget, adding that she does not understand why this topic is being "constantly brought up".

"I think that the prime minister's point of view must also be added here, who today stated that the money allocated for the increase of pensions exists. And an addition that I allow myself to make is the following: the Romanians do not have to worry. The moment the PNL came to government and the Orban Government was put in place, we have been concerned about welfare and took a series of measures that really target where needed, support the business environment, attract European funds, so that Romania can develop and Romanians have prosperity. There is money to increase pensions, I do not see why this topic needs to be constantly brought up, as long as in the state budget, that we drew up with some huge financial pressure left on us by the previous government, we provided for money to increase the pensions," Raluca Turcan told on Wednesday a press conference, when asked about the application of the Pension Law.

Earlier, at the Victoria Palace, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban reaffirmed that the money for raising pensions was provided for in the budget.