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Eurostat: Romania - above EU average by environmental tax share of total tax revenue


The environmental taxes collected in 2018 by the Romanian state amounted to 4.239 billion euros, accounting for 7.95 percent of total revenue from taxes and social contributions; this marked an increase from 3.674 billion euros, or 7.85 percent of total revenue from taxes and contributions in 2017, shows data released Wednesday by the EU's office for statistics, Eurostat.

Environmental tax revenues in the European Union totalled 324.6 billion euros in 2018, which represents a 3 percent increase in nominal terms from the previous year and is 49 percent higher than in 2002. Energy taxes accounted for the largest share (77.7 percent) of the EU's 2018 environmental tax revenue, followed by transport taxes (19.1 percent) and pollution and resource taxes (3.3 percent).

The environmental tax revenue collected in the EU in 2018 accounted for 6 percent of total revenue from taxes and social contributions. From this point of view, with a contribution from environmental taxes of 7.95 percent, Romania is above the EU average. Only 10 EU member states have an environmental tax share in the total government revenues higher than Romania's.

The contribution from environmental taxes to total government revenue from taxes and social contributions varied significantly across EU member states in 2018, with the highest shares recorded in Latvia (10.9 percent), Bulgaria (9.8 percent), Greece (9.5 percent), Slovenia (9.4 percent) and Croatia ( 9.3 percent).

At the opposite end, the member countries with the smallest share of environmental taxes were: Luxembourg (4.4 percent), Germany (4.5 percent) and Sweden (4.8 percent).