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Czech company Mixit launched in Romania

Mixit, a Czech company producing personalized mixtures of muesli and lyophilisate fruit was launched in Romania and estimates the Romanian market will represent 5-10% of sales by the end of 2021.


Mixit”, the Czech  company producing personalized muesli and fruit mixtures, extended in Romania before Christmas and customers from 5 countries can create their own muesli mixture now. After the Czech Republic (2010), Slovakia (2013), Poland (2014) and Hungary (2019), Mixit penetrated the Romanian market and the end of 2020. The expansion will help the company to reach a 30% increase in 2021,” the company announced on Tuesday.


In Romania, Mixit.ro will offer a range of products similar to that of other countries.

The distinctive offer of the company is the possibility to mix muesli, fruit and nuts to create individualized mixtures. Moreover, customers can choose from a wide range of bestseller ready-made products,” the company shows.


Gradually, the offer for the Romanian market will be extended to include chocolate tablets, proteic drinks or chocolate cream.

Until now we were warmly welcomed in all markets, which gives us confidence that Romanians will also enjoy creating their own mixture of cereals for breakfast,” said Tomas Huber, Mixit co-founder.Foreign expansion is a powerful growth engine for Mixit.


In the Czech market, it generated 78% of company incomes, from a total business figure of 14.5 million euros. The 2020 increase was due to several cumulated factors: the constant adding of new products and efficient deliveries.


Initially,in spring, the coronavirus pandemic affected Mixit business. Wholesale trade with natural products shops and small stores slowed down. But direct customers maintained the company increase: they bought more from the online store, Mixit recording over the average  sales,”say company representatives.


In foreign markets the potential is even higher and the increase rate multiplies.

We foresee that Romania will represent 5-10% of sales by the end of 2021. There is no other similar project in the market which suggests personalized muesli recipes, we consider we can reach interesting figures rapidly because we have a Romanian-Czech teams which knows the market and local characteristics,” said Martin Wallner, Mixit co-founder.