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First debate the draft law regarding the public-private partnership


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, in the opening of the Government meeting, has announced, on Friday, that they will debate the draft law regarding the public-private partnership. 

"This is very good news in what investments are concerned: we are going to debate the first draft of the law on public-private partnership, norms included, as a package, so that no one will get confused anymore," said Tudose. 

The Prime Minister asked the Minister for Business Environment, Ilan Laufer, to go into more detail about the draft bill. 

"The working group drafted the law package regarding the public-private partnership, which amends the Law no. 233/2016 regarding the public-private partnership, plus the methodological norms. Therefore, due to the amendments that we brought to the law, we will be able to implement both such significant, larger-scale projects, which will require the Government's approval, up to a certain threshold to be established, as well as small and medium-sized projects that won't require the approval of the Government and that could be implemented at county or local level", Laufer specified. 

He also gave several examples of such projects: "For instance, they could be projects in the transport infrastructure area: roads, railways, airports, bridges, waterways, parking lots and tunnels; or in the telecommunications field: telephony, Internet and broadband; also in the utilities: power plants, water stations, wastes stations, infrastructure of public interests, schools, universities, penitentiaries too. There could be other projects in the healthcare field: hospitals, polyclinics, emergency units and administrative buildings, county councils and so on. The amendment and simplification of the legislation regarding the public-private partnership is one of the measures stipulated in the governing programme. The implementation of this measure will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between the state and the private environment".