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Many SMEs  in Romania will be affected by Brexit and they have no backup plans


Many small and medium-sized entreprises (IMM) in Romania will be affected by the exit of the UK from the European Union, and SMEs, by comparison to the big entreprises have no backup plans for this situation, said on Tuesday night the adviser in the Ministry for Business environment,commerce and entrepreneurship (MMACA) Bogdan Mihailescu.

According to his opinion, the Romanian SMEs do not take into consideration the Brexit.

‘We  had a survey among the SMEs in Romania and found out that the majority did not seem  to have understood what Brexit is, or they are not interested in Brexit.The main reason is the fact that they think in a simple way,  as they consider that they have no direct commercial relation with the UK, then they will not be affected. The SMEs do not see that domino effect: if other economies in the EU are affected, especially Germany, then many small and medium-sized entreprises in Romania will be also affected,  and if the big companies have contingency plans, backup plans, the SMEs have no such plans’ warned the adviser of the ministry for business environment.

Bogdan Mihailescu expressed his hope that Brexit will take place through a joint deal between the EU and the UK.

‘We are concerned for many reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that we have a big Romanian community in the UK, the second most numerous Romanian community in the world, so we have worries connected to this, and we discuss with the British government on this issue. Through the embassy, we have good contacts with Andrew Mitchell (the British minister of commerce) and we are interested in this topic and we do whatever it takes while we have the presidency of the European Union Council and we hope to have a soft Brexit’ appreciated the adviser of the ministry for business environment.