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10 million women representing 51.2 pct of all residents are living în Romania


Romania counted over 10 million women at the beginning of last year, representing 51.2 pct of all residents, and more than half, respectively 5.5 million, were living in urban areas, announced on Tuesday, the National Institute of Statistics (INS). 

"Out of the 19,760.3 thousand people who on 1 January 2016 had been habitual residents in Romania for at least 12 months, 10,110.5 thousand were women, representing 51.2 pct of the overall resident population. In urban areas, the percentage of women in our country is more pronounced than in rural areas. As many as 5.557 million women live in the city, accounting for 52.3 pct of the total urban population. In rural areas, the female population share is 49.9 pct," reads a press release sent by INS.

  The female population is "older" than the male population by 3.2 years, so, while the national average age is 41.5 years, for women it reaches 43.1 years. 

Within the female resident population, the highest fertility rates (live births per 1,000 women of reproductive age between 15-49 years old) were recorded in the counties of Vaslui (58.6 per thousand), Suceava (53.8 per thousand) and Bistrita-Nasaud (53.6 per thousand), and the lowest in Gorj (32.1 per thousand) and Olt (34.9 per thousand). Female fertility at the country level was 42.4 children per 1,000 live births for 1,000 women of reproductive age between 15-49 years old. 

According to the Institute, in 2015 the average age of the mother at birth (28.3 years) and the first birth (26.9 years) was slightly higher compared to the previous year (28.2 years and 26.8 years respectively) the trend to postpone birth being kept. 

"2015 continues the trend of the increased share of live births among women with higher levels of education, at least university degree (28.1 pct), as well as the share of live births by mothers with medium educational level, vocational, secondary and post-secondary (36.7 pct). Life expectancy at birth for women in 2015 was 78.90 years (79.68 years in the urban area and 77.92 years in the rural area)," the document further informs.