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21 citizens from Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan tried to illegally enter Romania, from Serbia


 Border police in Caras-Severin county have tracked down, in the past 24 hours, in the competence areas Oravita and Socol, 21 citizens from Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan trying to illegally enter Romania, from Serbia, to later get in the Schengen Area. 

"Border policemen with the Oravita Border Police Sector in cooperation with workers from the Otelu Rosu police station have conducted several specific actions in the line of combating illegal migration, during which they tracked down, on the direction of border localities Ciortea and Mercina, two groups formed of 18 foreign citizens that were walking from the border with Serbia towards the country," Roxana Costache, spokesperson for the Timisoara Border Police, in a release remitted, on Monday, .

The persons in cause, which couldn't justify their presence in the area, were led to the Oravita Border Police for investigation, where it was established that they are Iraqi citizens (15), Pakistani (2) and one Libyan, of which 9 males, 4 females, and 5 minors, the adults having ages between 18 and 42, and the minors were aged between 7 months and 16 years. The persons in cause stated they crossed the border from Serbia to Romania, with the intention of reaching countries in Western Europe. 

In a similar action, the border policemen of the Socol Border Police Sector tracked down near the border locality of Lescovita, three men, foreign citizens, that did not justify their presence in the area and which were taken over and and transported to the institution for investigation. 

"During investigations it was determined the persons in cause are Afghan citizens with ages between 15 and 23, who did not have documents upon them and declared that they intended to get to a state in Western Europe", the quoted source mentions. 

In all the cases investigations are being conducted in regards to the crime of illegal crossing of the state border.