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Angela  Cristea: we  consider that there is the real possibility that Romania becomes a refounding state in the EU


Romania has the real chance to become ‘a refounding’state in the EU, to be part of the euro zone and   this objective may be achieved by the reduction of the gaps between the states through the implementation of  a cohesion policy, by the creation of an instrument of convergence of the state authorities stated on Friday Angela Cristea, the head of the Office of the European Commission in Romania.

We notice that the implementation of this objective may be hindered by the continuation of these gaps which we see not only between the member states, but between different regions in the EU. And we have some instruments which are very good, successful ones. Firstly, it is the cohesion policy. That what commissionaire Corina Cretu told us, who is responsible for this policy, it is probably the most concrete proof of the principle, of the value of solidarity in the EU, but we want to see how we could place the resources together. The Commission and the member states, so that we lead to the reduction of the gaps’ said Cristea at the conference ‘ The favourable growth of inclusion – challenges and opportunities’.

According to her, Romania was  the EU member the most quoted by the  President  of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, ‘ The State of the Union’ concentrated ‘ on unity, on a EU of liberties, equality and democracy’.

We consider there is a real possibility that Romania, if it had not the chance to be a founding state in the EU  could become a refounding state in the EU. And President Juncker gave some indicators, he made an appeal for the immediate accession of Romania and Bulgaria in the Schengen area, as all the conditions have been met a long time ago and he also expressed his wish to see the euro zone, considered to be ‘ the tough nucleus of the EU as soon as possible, all member states who expressed their option that one day they could access the euro zone’ Angela Cristea said.

President Juncker announced that those states which are under the process of preparation for accession to the euro zone will benefit from supplementary support on the part of the EC, especially from a support of technical assistance, showed Angela Cristea.

The event was also attended by Valdis Dombrovskis, vice president of the  European Commission responsible for the euro and social dialogue.



Monday, October 30, 2017