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BNR:we should not put into danger the stability of the financial system with the giving in payment draft law


The prime- vicegovernor BNR Florin Georgescu took part on Monday to a debate in the social-democrat senators ‘group (PSD) on the issue of the giving in payment draft law and urged the MPs to be careful so that this law be dedicated only to those who really need it.

‘The arguments which are in favour of a law with social protection indicators which should address the debtors to the banks who need this protection as they are in a financial situation which do not allow them to pay back the debt. The arguments were brought which said that the state should intervene in the economy and now it does it but in a limited manner, directed to the vulnerable groups and in general, to debtors who, from one reason or another are in financial need. There are criteria which I proposed and which could be shaped against the MPs options but which manage and solve the issue of getting into the range of application of the law only of those who are in social need, with a reduced financial capacity for the payment in this period of time, in general, as a result of a financial crisis’ Florin Georgescu said.

The BNR representative was asked if the BN officials support the amendment which includes the Prima Casa programme among the categories of protected loans, but he avoided giving an answer.

There were arguments in favour and against. The senate will establish soon and we will see in the Deputies’ chamber which is the best way to act. We must, I repet, address those in need, in difficulty. On the other hand, we do not need to endanger the stability of the financial system as well as we don’t need to address generalised social protection or those who don’t need and those who will not pay out of personal reasons’. Georgescu said.

Senate adopted the giving in payment draft law

The senators have adopted on Monday unanimously the giving in payment draft law of some houses with a view to settle the credit obligations, with the amendment for the "First House" Programme to be included in this bill. The draft law sent to reexamination by President Klaus Iohannis was endorsed by 119 votes.