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CSAT decides to keep terrorist threat level at cautious


The Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) on Thursday decided to keep the terrorist thereat level in Romania at cautious and continue operational measures that will be permanently adjusted for the latest developments.

CSAT reports that it can only suggest a change in the thereat level when the developments regard Romania explicitly.

At its meeting on Thursday, the CSAT discussed the implications on the terrorist threat level in Romania of the recent terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The CSAT reports in a press release that Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) George Maior told the CSAT members that there is no indication so far that similar attacks would be prepared for Romania, and the SRI does not have intelligence pointing to connections or links between the attack in Bulgaria and people, entities, events or intentions about Romania.

'The Romanian Intelligence Service and the other institutions under the National Terror Prevention and Combat System have taken specific preventive measures adjusted to the operational situation at hand and enhanced internal as well as international cooperation,' reads the release issued at the end of the CSAT meeting.

The National Terrorist Threat System was approved by the CSAT on April 15, 2004 as an adequate means to prevent, deter and counter the operations of planning and carrying out potential attacks.

The cautious level means the available information and recent events indicate a low risk of terrorist attacks.

Statement of H.E. Ambassador of the State of Israel in Romania following the terrorist attack in Bulgaria on July 18, 2012



The terrorist attack against innocent Israeli tourists which took place in Bulgaria joins a long list of worldwide attacks and attempted attacks against Israeli and Western targets in recent months: in India, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Kenya, Turkey and, most recently, in Cyprus. These attacks carry the mark of Iran and it is clear that Tehran is masterminding the attacks through the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizbullah.


Yesterday’s attack took place exactly on the 18th anniversary of the attack on the Jewish community center AMIA in Buenos Aires (18 July 1994), which was also perpetrated by Hizbullah and Iran.


The terror attack in Bulgaria as well as the thwarted attempt a few days ago in Cyprus took place on European soil in member countries of the European Union.


The international community should enhance its efforts to fight against terrorism, as well as to send clear messages to terrorist organisations and countries that sponsor them that such acts will not be tolerated.


The Government of Israel appreciates the strong message received from the Romanian Government expressing its solidarity with the authorities and citizens in Israel.