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Eurostat: Romania ranks last in the EU in terms of the share of homes with toilets inside


In 2019, an estimated 2.0% of people in EU lived in a dwelling without its own indoor flushing toilet. This represents a decrease of 1.7 percentage points compared with 2010 (3.7%).


Almost  one in four people in Romania reported that their household did not have an indoor flushing toilet for the sole use of the household (24.2%). This was by far the highest share amongst the EU Member States. Romania was followed by Bulgaria (13.7%), Lithuania (10.0%), Latvia (8.7%), Estonia (4.7%) and Hungary (3.1%).


However, Romania made significant progress, taking into account that in 2010 the share of homes without a toilet inside was 40.9%.


In contrast, the share of dwellings with no flushing toilet was below 1% in 19 EU Member States, with the lowest share in Sweden (close to 0%), followed by Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Slovenia (all 0.1%) as well as Germany (0.2%).