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Gov't set to adopt next week state of alert extension


The government will approve at its next meeting the extension of the state of alert after June 16, Premier Ludovic Orban announced on Thursday evening. "I saw that this media information that we will adopt today the decision to extend the state of alert. We won't take this decision today, we will take it at the end of the state of alert period approved by Parliament. So, at the first government meeting next week we will adopt the decision to extend the state of alert. As you know, the state of alert is established until the June 16, our obligation is to adopt the government decision for its extension before this period runs to end. That is, the government decision will be published in the Official Journal on June 16," Ludovic Orban explained during the government meeting.

He said that shopping malls will reopen as of June 15, except for restaurants, playgrounds and cinemas inside their precincts. "The National Committee for Emergency Situations proposes the resumption of economic activities in commercial spaces with multiple stores, specifically in malls. However, we will keep in place the ban for mall cinemas, restaurants, cafes, dining places - those in enclosed spaces. Terrace activities will be allowed. Also, the gambling rooms in malls will be allowed to reopen. So the ban is kept in place for cinemas, playgrounds, restaurants," Orban said at the beginning of the government meeting.

According to the Prime Minister, spa treatment activities will also resume from June 15, the Lottery offices, gambling halls, bookmaker shops will reopen, access will be allowed to outdoor pools, and the number of participants in outdoor sports and recreational activities will increase from three to six.

President Klaus Iohannis also said on Thursday that the state of alert needs to be extended so that the government has the necessary levers to take decisions in special cases, but that he would rather have "a simpler, leaner version" of the state of alert, with some mandatory requirements - indoor mask-wearing, distancing, hygiene measures. "There are some politicians who probably run after votes more than they do after the health of Romanians, who say that we can relax completely and that there is no need for these measures and that the specialists should come with evidence. What kind of evidence are they expecting, other than those that are communicated daily?! 237 new infections [coronavirus - ed. n.] from yesterday to today, over 150 people in intensive care as we speak. We have again, unfortunately, new and new deaths. The epidemic is amongst us. The virus is in the community. Any normal reason tells us to be careful. In front of a disease you are either cautious or stupid, one of two," Iohannis said.



Friday, June 12, 2020