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Government debt, at the end of November 2019, was 37.1 of GDP


The debt of the public administration (government debt) totaled at the end of November, last year, 366.438 billion lei (rd 77 billion EUR), namely 37.1 of the GDP, according to data centralized by the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP).

Of the total above, the sum of 11.964 billion lei represented short term debt and the rest represents medium and long-term debt. The largest part of this debt, namely 307.323 billion lei, was represented by state titles.

The debt of the central public administration rose to 352.152 billion lei, of which 340,181 billion lei on the medium and long-term horizons, the largest part of which being in lei (173.266 billion lei) and euro (147.299 billion lei, equivalent).

The debt of the local public administration clocked in at 14.313 billion lei, of which 14.292 billion lei in long and medium term debt.

According to MFP data, the foreign debt of the public administration was of 172.814 billion lei, of which 168.975 billion lei that of the central public administration and 3.84 billion lei of the local public administration, and almost all of it (172.756 billion lei) was in medium and long-term debt.