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In 2016, the employment rate for working age population (15-64 years) was 61.6%

  • In 2016, the employment rate for population aged 20-64 years was 66.3%, at a distance of 3.7 percentage points of the national target of 70% established in the context of the Strategy Europe 2020.

  • In 2016, the economically active population of Romania was 8979 thousand persons, out of which 8449 thousand were employed persons and 530 thousand were unemployed persons.


The employment of the working-age population increased in 2016 by 0.2 percentage points compared to the previous year, up to 61.6 percent, and the number of economically active population stood at 8.979 million, the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS) published on Tuesday reveals. 

In this context, out of the almost 9 million active persons, approximately 8.5 million were employed and 530,000 were unemployed. 

Overall, the unemployment rate stood at 5.9 percent, declining compared to 2015, when a percentage of 6.8 percent was recorded. The highest unemployment rate (20.6 percent) was recorded among youngsters, aged between 15 and 24, while for persons with higher education, the unemployment rate stood at 3.1 percent. 

According to the quoted source, last year, the employment of working-age population (aged 15-64) was 61.6 percent, increasing by 0.2 percentage points compared to 2016, the employment rate was higher for men, namely 69.7 percent compared to the women one that stood at 53.3 percent. 

The official statistics also reveal that the rate for youth (aged 15-24) was 22.3 percent, while for elderly (aged 55-64) was 42.8 percent. 

The highest employment rate for working-age population was registered for graduates of higher level of education (86.2 percent). Just 65.2 percent of persons with medium level of education and only 41 percent of those with low 
level of education were employed.