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INTERPOL notified the High Court of Cassation and Justice about the procedure to extradite Sebastian Ghita from Serbia

 The Interpol notified on April 15 the High Court of Cassation and Justice about the procedure to extradite businessman and former deputy Sebastian Ghita from Serbia. 

According to the Supreme Court's Press Bureau, the notification was made based on Law No. 302/2004 on international judicial cooperation. 

The procedure in this case is confidential. 

Fugitive Sebastian Ghita was tracked down and nabbed by police in Serbia almost four months since he went missing in Romania. In this interval Romanian courts - specifically the high Court of Cassation and Justice and the Prahova Tribunal - issued two arrest warrants in abstentia against him. 

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated that Sebastian Ghita's extradition procedure is prepared, but everything is on hold pending courts' decisions. 

"We are currently in the situation in which we are waiting for courts to conclude the verifications regarding the legality of setting in motion the extradition procedure. The moment we receive the respective closures from the courts, we will start the extradition procedure, namely the request. The Justice Ministry has already prepared this procedure, the request, we look ahead to the courts' closures and immediately, right away, the next second we will put the procedure in motion. Until then, the legal provisions compel us to standby, pending courts' decisions," Tudorel Toader explained on Tuesday