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Marian Lupu withdraws from the presidential race in the Republic of Moldova


Marian Lupu the leader of the Democratic Party (PDM) in the Republic of Moldova decided to withdraw from the presidential race, informs the Unimedia site.

‘We are in the middleof an important electoral situation. The objective PDM is not only to win an electoral race but to win a Pro-European candidate. There was an analysis which made us think. It is about the way in which we could get into the second round.The candidates of the PAS ( Party of Action and Solidarity)have a larger electoral pool and have more chances to win the voting. The PDM objective is that the voting be won by a Pro-European candidate. We have very tight results. To be sure that a right candidate wins the elections I have decided to withdraw from the electoral campaign’ Marian Lupu said.

The candidate of Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) is Maia Sandu.

‘It is a tactical withdrawal which has the objective to support the choice of a president who will continue the European project. The PDM message for the electorate is to support a right candidate with most chances’ Marian Lupu said.

The single candidate of the PAS, PPDA (the platform Dignity and Truth party) and the PLDM (the democratic liberal party)in the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu qualified as ‘ desperate gesture’ the withdrawal of the democratic candidate Marian Lupu from the electoral race, informs on Wednesday Unimedia.md.

‘It is a desperate gesture which confirms the fact that Dodon is the candidate desired by Plahotniuc’ said Maia Sandu on her Facebook account.

According to Maia Sandu, the support offered by Lupu is ‘ a fake’ one, ‘ poisoned apple’. ‘Plahotniuc’ support and my promotion in his press holding has the only purpose to compromise me, but the citizens will understand what is behind this dirty game’ Maia Sandu said.

The leader of the Social party of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) Igor Dodon supports the decision of the democrat Marian Lupu to withdraw from the electoral race as a proof of the fact that Maia Sandu is a joined leader agreed in a meeting which Vlad Plahotniuc had in Washington with the subsecretary of state for Euro-Asian affairs Victoria Nuland, informs on Wednesday Radio Kishinev.

According to Dodon, this decision would show a interference of the administration in Washington in the electoral process in the Republic of Moldova. ‘ From the very beginning we have been all included in a play directed by the Americans which had as an ending the merger of all the pro-governmental and pro-European forces in one electoral platform’ stated the PSMR candidate, credited with the highest chances in the electoral race of 30 October, according to the opinion surveys.

In this context, Igor Dodon announced that the socialists will fight to win the elections in the first round.

The experts in Kishinev state that the withdrawal of Marian Lupu from the electoral race for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova is a gesture meant to ‘save the pro-European appearance’ of the Democratic Party (PDM), informs on Wednesday Unimedia.md.

Thus, the political analyst Oazu Nantoi consides that the people in PDM understood they had no chance to get in the second round and tried a change of image. ‘ I suppose that leader de facto of PDM Vlad Plahotniuc tried to keep ‘ the pro-European appearance’ of the party and chose this gesture’ Nantoi said.

In his turn, Igor Munteanu, former ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Washington believes that it is about a conclusion the ones in the PDM reached after a mathematical calculus. ‘ I consider that it is about a simple math calculus, the ones in PDM understood that despite their resources in the electoral campaign they will not manage to promote their candidate in the second round, that is why they preferred to withdraw ‘with dignity’ rather than be defeated in the campaign’ Munteanu said.

The two experts were not convinced by the idea that Marian Lupu’s withdrawal could help Maia Sandu. ‘ Maia Sandu does not need the support of Vlad Plahotniuc’ Oazu Nantoi said.

The Republic of Moldova organises on Sunday presidential elections. The first place in the preferences of the electorate seems to be Igor Dodon, former minister of economy and the leader of the Socialist Party (PSRM, left, pro-Russian).