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Romania, 93rd in the world top of generosity, top dominated by Myanmar


A state destroyed by the war and another led for years by an oppressive military regime are the countries where the most benevolent people live, according to the top World Giving Index, 2016. Romania is 46th out of 140 in the ranking regarding the help given to an unknown person and 93rd in the top of generosity,according to the study made for the seventh year at global level by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Myanmar leads in the top of generosity for the third year in a row, more than nine out of ten people in this country donating money in the last month. According to the report, this can be explained by the fact that the majority of the inhabitants in Myanmar are Buddhists Theravada and their generosity reflects the practice ‘ Sangha Dana’ to help those who lead a monastic life.

The second place in this ranking comes to the United States, the third is Australia, fourth the New Zeeland and the fifth Sri Lanka. The UK is eighth, Germany 21st, France 81st, Italy 82nd, and Hungary 134th. The last is China.

As regards the ranking connected to the aid to an unknown person for the second year in a row, the first is occupied by Iraq, despite the civil war from this country. The second place is Lybia and this state is confronted with serious turmoil due to the civil war. Third is Kuweit, fourth Somalia, fifth the United Arab Emirates. In the top Romania is 46th much above Germany ( 56th) Italy (101st)France (116th), Hungary (128th) and Japan (138th). The last position is occupied by China, the USA is 9th.

In the ranking for money donations for charity, the first is Myanmar, followed by Indonesia, Australia, Malta and New Zeeland. The UK is 7th and the US is 13th. Romania is 92nd. The last is Marocco.

In the top connected to voluntary work, Turkmenistan is first, followed by Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the US, the UK is 22nd, Romania is 133rd and Egypt is the last.

According to CAF, for the first time in the history of World Giving Index, more than half of the world population helped an unknown person a month before the survey, this ‘demonstrating a positive trend as regards generosity’ according to the CAF site. As encouraging as this is the fact that the level of participation in helping an unknown person increased in all categories of economic development including in the countries in transition.