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More than a quarter of the Romanian children spend over 6 hours online, on a school day


More than a quarter of the children of Romania (27%) state that, on a school day, spend over six hours online or they check the smart device periodically, the mobile phone being by far the most used terminal (in 96.1% of the cases), the study made by ‘Salvati Copiii’ organization .

The centralized data in the research show that, at the top of the terminals used by children to surf the net are the laptop with 46.6% of the total of interviewees, desktop – 33.2%, smart TV (17%) the tablet (16.4%) and the play station (7.3%).

At the same time, on a day without school, the percentage of the children who spend more than six hours/day of internet or they check the device periodically grows to over 47%.

According to the study, more than half of the interviewees (54%) stated that they were interrupted while they were communicating on the internet, everything due to the situation where 43% of the interviewees state that they post online personal information (photos, address, places they go to, etc).

Similarly, 47% of the children admit the fact that they check sometimes, rarely or never the truth value of the information read online, while 43% of them consider they saw or received messages with sexual content on the net and 61% felt uncomfortable as a result of what they saw on the net.

The study ‘ Salvati Copiii’ regarding the use of the internet by children, was made on a sample of 1,156 people aged between 12 and 17 years old.