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Romania endorses and stands in solidarity with action of US, UK and France in Syria

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday that Romania further condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria and expressed his full solidarity regarding the actions of our strategic partners.

"Romania further condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which is beyond any justification. We stand in solidarity with the actions of our strategic partners," Iohannis wrote on Twitter.

A release of the Government sent on Saturday informs that "Romania's Government condemns, in the most categorical terms, the chemical attack on 7 April 2018, which resulted in casualties among the civil population. Romania supports and stands in solidarity with the firm response action of the US, the UK and France, following the chemical attack, and reiterates its firm support for any effort of the international community destined to end the conflict in Syria".

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) firmly condemns, yet again, the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances, in any situation, taking into account that committing such acts has no justification, and pleads for holding responsible, following an investigation, the persons found guilty of committing such an act.

"The concerning reports regarding a new chemical weapon attack on 7 April 2018 against the population of Douma in Syria, must be urgently investigated, in an independent and impartial manner. The Foreign Affairs Ministry pleads for holding accountable, following an investigation, the people found guilty of committing such an act," a MAE release on Saturday informs.

According to the quoted source, the military operation conducted by the US, the UK and France on 14 April, represents a firm reaction to the atrocities that resulted in numerous victims among the civilian population of Douma.

"Romania stand in solidarity with its allies and strategic partners. The Foreign Affairs Ministry stresses the necessity to solve the conflict in Syria, which caused suffering among the Syrian population. It also believes that, it is essential that all the parties involved in the Syrian file continue to actively endorse the UN demarches destined to end this crisis, based on the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, especially the Resolution 2254/2015 and the Geneva Communique (2012)," the MAE release reads.

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday evening, in a speech he delivered at the White House, that a combined military operation against Syria is underway, alongside France and the UK, in order to punish Bashar al-Assad's regime, whom he is accusing of a chemical weapon attack against civilians, AFP informed.

The offensive consisted of three airstrikes on facilities used to produce and store chemical weapons, the Pentagon informed.