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Study: Seven out of ten Romanians want to stop being emotionally connected to people, brands, things and workplaces in 2020

Seven out of ten (69%) feel the need, more and more to have personal space and will make efforts in 2020 to stop being emotionally connected to people, brands, things and workplaces According to the results covered in the third edition of the national study which measures trends in the lifestyle of the Romanians.

The data included in the research made by the division of trends Hunters of the market research Agency Unlock says, at the same time, that in 2020 the number of Romanians who support and adopts new tendencies has increased by 7%, the most consistent increase registered up to now.

Moreover, for this year, 69% of the Romanians stated that they will make efforts to get less attached emotionally to people, brands, things and workplaces. In this sense, they say that they learn that they are their own family, they travel and go to events and to public places alone, as this is the way they feel better.

Another growing trend noticed in Romania is the interest for the environment issue, in case of 61% of the interviewed ones. On the other hand, a Romanian out of seven (69%) said that they wil become more tolerant, with a Europenised speech. Similarly, 71% of the Romanians confirm the rediscovery of the joy of small pleasures, either a holiday spent at home or relaxation given by cooking, while almost two thirds (63%) have a tendency of looking for authenticity, including by the reinvention of folk costume and pleasure for hand-made products.

Moreover, 66% of the Romanians confirm the trend of vulnerability ‘ this meaning the openness for couchsurfing up to educational programs which concentrate on the development of emotional intelligence’.

According to the quoted source, among other trends we find hyperselection in taking decisions, confirmed by two thirds (66%) of the interviewed. Thus, this is manifested by the selection of provisional workplaces, while waiting for better opportunities as well as the option for life partners/ couples of transition out of fear of assuming a long term commitment. The study was made in December 2019 on a sample of one thousand people aged between 16 and 55.

Unlock, a company of know-how and market research with 100% Romanian capital set up in 2008 is specialized in studies of brand and cultural marketing strategies. In 2017, the company launched the division Hunters, which analyses trends and new tendencies in Romania.



Friday, February 14, 2020