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Study: the consumption behaviour of the Romania is changing, parks becoming favourite over malls

The Romanians will go more often in parks, will do more sport, will prefer holidays in the country instead of those abroad, and will avoid malls, restaurants or cinemas, show a study published by a specialized company in the domain of real estate commercial services.

‘Once the restrictions were over, process which will take place gradually, starting with 15th May, the main activities the Romanians want to do are walks in the park (32%), holidays in Romania (26%) sporting activities in open air (25%), followed by cultural events (17%), work out at gyms (15%) and visits to playground spaces for children (14%).At the other end, the main activities to be made, rarely are going out to malls (53%), holidays abroad (45%) and going to the cinema (45%), shows a study made by the real estate consultancy compay Cushman&Wakefield Echinox and the research company MKOR Consulting.

The study shows that, although the Romanians are great consumers of commercial centres (30% of the interviewees stating that they used to go to the mall at least once in a week to take lunch, while 18% visited the malls at least one a week for shopping for clothes) their behaviour will change at least at short term, both due to the trend of avoiding the crowded places, and as a result of the restraints of economic nature, the study makers say.
Moreover, the period of isolation has increased the share of consumers familiarized with online commerce, and retailers in this category will try to keep their clients and the market share.

The shops considered non-essential in the commercial centres of Romania have suspended the activity at the end of March, being affected over 9,000 commercial units, appreciate the study makers.
Starting with 1st June, the shops situated in commercial centres with an area under 15,000 square metres, as well as those with direct access from outside, restarted their activity and starting with 15th June was announced the reopening of the shops in the malls of over 15,000 square meters, the activity of the restaurants and the playground spaces will be restricted.

The survey was made during the period of 14th – 18th May, on a number of 600 interviewees in all counties, most answers coming from people in Bucharest –Ilfov (45%), Prahova (7%), Constanta (4%), Cluj, Iasi, Timis, Brasov and Galati (3% each).

Cushman and Wakefield Echinox is a company for real estate consultancy, exclusive subsidiary for Romania of Cushman &Wakefield, one of the global leaders in the domain of commercial real estate services, with 53,000 employees in over 60 countries and income of 8.8 billion euro.