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The map of salaries at the end of 2016: net gains surpassed 500 euro only in the capital city and five counties in December


The average net gains surpassed the level of 500 euro only in the capital city and in Ilfov,Cluj, Timis, Sibiu and Brasov in December 2016 as several employees received winter celebrations bonuses and the biggest salary growth was recorded, over the last year, in Bacau, Caras-Severin and Covasna show the News.ro figures, on the basis of the county statistics of the National Institute for Statistics (INS). At the other end, in 17 counties in the country, the average net gain was under 400 euro even with winter celebrations bonuses.

At national level, the average net salary gain was increased in December 2016 with 11.4% against the last month of 2015, at 2,354 lei (the equivalent of 521 euro), the maximum historic level for Romania.

In December, the average euro exchange rate, used for the equivalence of the salaries in European currency was 4,5173 lei, according to the BNR.

Salary gains include both salaries and bonuses or vouchers of any kind the employees receive.

The official statistics show that, although the net average gain at national level was over the threshold of 500 euro, only the employees in Bucharest and other five wealthy counties got, on average, over 500 euro in December, in the other counties the salaries were much lower.

The employees in Bucharest have the highest salaries in the country, with an average net gain in December 2016 of 3,219 lei (713 euro at the average BNR exchange rate of December )followed by those in Ilfov (2,743 lei, 607 euro) Cluj (2,605 lei, 577 euro) and Timis (2,512 lei, 556 euro).

Next there is Sibiu (2.375 lei, 526 euro) and Bra?ov (2.284 lei, 506 euro), in the rest of the country the average gain being under 500 euro.

In the top of the gains follow Constan?a (2.184 lei, 483 euro), Ia?i (2.183 lei, 483 euro), Arge? (2.160 lei,  478 euro), Mure? (2.156 lei, 477 euro) and Gala?i (2.154 lei, 477 euro). 

At the other end, in 17 counties the average net gain is under 500 euro.

The lowest gains in Romania were, in the last month of last year, in Teleorman (1.628 lei, 360 euro), Bistri?a-N?s?ud (1.653 lei, 366 euro), Harghita (1.671 lei, 370 euro) and Suceava (1.672 lei, 370 euro).

As regards the evolution of the salaries in 2016,the highest growth of net gain was recorded in December 2016 against the last month of 2015 Bacau, with an advance of 25%, Tulcea (21%), Cara?-Severin (19,5%), Covasna (19%) and Br?ila (18,5%).

In exchange, in Gorj the salaries went down, on average with 0.5% in 2016.

Last year, the salaries received an impulse in May when the gross minimum salary at the level of the economy increased by 19% from 1,050 lei to 1,250 lei.