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The most important wine producers in Romania

Several players activate in the wine market evaluated at 350-400 million euro. According to data supplied by INS, the vineyard area was in 2009 184,000 ha and in 2010 180,000 ha.
At present there are 360 wine making companies.


The main shareholders are Euroavipo (41.94%, Euro Trade Invest (39%) and Vitivinicola Basarabi (19%) owned by Ion and Emanuel Dorobantu. According to Forbes classification, their wealth is 50 million euro.
Murfatlar has an area of 3,000 ha of vine in the area Murfatlar, Valul lui Traian, Poarta Alba and Siminoc. In 2010 the company reported businesses of 140 million lei (32.7 million euro).


The main shareholders are Textil Promotion (96.4%) and Claudiu Necsulescu (3.5%). The latter has a fortune estimated at 68 million euro, according to Forbes. In 1999 he bought 500 ha of vineyard of the former state farm Jidvei. The company owns 1400 ha of vineyard at Tarnave. In 2010 the wine production was 85,000 hl.

Vincon Vrancea

Luchi Georgescu took over the management of Vincon Vrancea 12 years ago and holds now 62% of shares. According to Forbes his wealth is estimated at 26-27 million euro and has business in tourism, real estate and meat products.Vincon owns over 1500 ha of vineyard in the Wine area of Piemont and processes on the average 25 million liters annually.


Cotnari, one of the most important local wine producers, owns 1720 ha of vineyard and one of the most important wine collections in the country. The company is owned by employees and the management. In the last 5 years Cotnari investments have exceeded 20 million euro.


The shareholders of Recas are Philip and Elvira Cox (29%0, Gabriel and Iova (31%), Ioan and Maria Georgiu (31%). The British Philip Cox has an experience of over 20 years in the local market. He founded Onisor Winery. Recas has 700 ha of vineyard in Timis county and generates business of 13 million euro annually.

Halewood Winery

With an area of 350 ha of vine at Dealu Mare, Podisul Transilvaniei and Murfatlar for wine production and annual business of 10 million euro, Halewood Romania belongs to the British businessman John Halewood. The business was set up in 1997 by Dan Muntean, who owns 9% of the company.

Samburesti Domains

Businessman Jean Valvis owns 500 ha of vineyard at Samburesti (Olt county), where he produces Chateau Valvis, Samburel de Olt and Samburesti Domains. The value of investments has reached 18 million euro.


Set up in 1998, Vinarte is owned by two companies, SCF& I Holding (22.99%) and EIEC Holding (13.99%), both registered in Switzerland, and by several natural persons of Romanian, Italian and French origin, among whom Sergio Flasechini (10.99%). The company applied for insolvency in 2010. Vinarte exploits 335 ha of vineyard on three domains: Castel Starmina (Vanju Mare, Mehedinti), Castel Bolovanu (Samburesti Olt) and Villa Zorilor (Dealu Mare Buzau).

Lacerta Winery

Lacerta Winery, a project initiated 8 years ago by four foreign investors, three Austrians and a German, entered the premium wine market after an investment of 6 million euro. Lacerta wines are produced at Dealu Mare, Buzau county on a domain of 82 ha.
(source: wall-street.ro)