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USL does not agree with the merging of elections

USL does not agree with the merging of local and parliamentary elections and their organisation in the autumn of next year and the Union will support any measure which could lead to early parliamentary elections, the co-chairman of the USL Victor Ponta said. « To push local elections as the PDL wants to October or November means that all documents issued by mayors, the county council or the local council, after the four years of mandate could be attacked in court by any person interested and the justice will say that if you are no longer a mayor, you are no longer the chairman of the county council, after the mandate has expired, you are not allowed to sign any papers. We will be for six months with local structures which cannot function and one whole year, 2012 we will talk about the government party and what they give » Ponta said, at the end of weekly meeting of USL.

The PSD leader added that early elections that USL wants to happen exist everywhere, while « late elections » are a new creation of premier Emil Boc. « First we have to see what they want to do, the mandate is four year long, the law and the Constitution are quite clear. Let’s see what measure they use, they have a coup or something else. My judicial opinion is that you cannot prolong the mandates as you cannot ever prolong a mandate, not even that of the president of Romania, unless there is war or natural hazard » the PSD leader said.

Ponta added that if the government takes the responsibility in the Parliament for the merging of elections,USL will present a censure motion, will contest the action of the governing coalition to the Constitutional Court and will use all instruments they have to protest and couterattack.