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 Tourism: ANAT: Tourism activity was at a capacity of 45% in 2021; labor force decreased by only 30%


Tourism was at a level of 40-50% of the capacity in 2021, but even so, the workforce in the domain dropped only by 30%, stated in a conference Dumitru Luca, the chairman of the National Association of the Tourism Agencies (ANAT).

He added that the touristic packages offered by the tour operators are adapted to all kinds of situations where the tourist could be, at a certain moment, to offer his protection.

According to Dumitru Luca, the  domain of incoming has a huge potential and represents the engine for relaunching tourism in Romania.


I was and still am for the importance of incoming in that it has huge potential. Tourism is the engine of the relaunch of tourism. We had by far the steepest drop of 24% in incoming. A few measures were taken in a hasty way, not thought out enough then. The worst of all was the closure of the treatment bases of the hotels in the spa resorts. We have also passed that moment and the most important achievement that we have selected very little time ago with the current government team is the recognition of incoming as an export of tourist services. It was a goal of ours that we've been fighting for for over 20 years Similar to every form of export, incoming tourism must benefit from zero quota of VAT, as any form of export of goods and services. There is a minimis scheme on the way to be finalized to stimulate incoming. We have always brought proposals and solutions to create added value and get to the achievement of tourism and connecting activities being 10% of the GDP’, said the specialist during the Forum of entrepreneurs in tourism and HoReCa.