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BSOG finalised the underground crossing pipeline of  the beach in Vadu


Black Sea Oil& Gas (BSOG) finished last week the works for the pipeline of 1.5 km the underground crossing of the beach in Vadu, this being the first work of this kind in Romania, announced in a videoconference Profit Energy forum – Energy post-Coronavirus, Mark Beacom, CEO of BSOG.


According to BSOG head, the operation was made onshore by a Romanian entrepreneur for drilling Cala and it was received at sea by several Romanian ships owned by Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) including Bigfoot 1 and Olivia.


Beacom considers that this operation, as well as  all works which were made during the emergency state at the Agigea maritime site, Midia area and the construction site in Vadu show clearly that even in the context of pandemics Covid -19, with strict regimes,these operations can go on successfully even when the economies of the countries are in free fall.


‘It is clear that not the pandemics Covid-19 is an obstacle for investments in the Black Sea but regulations and legislation’ states Beacom. According to the head of BSOG in the Black Sea would exist resources of 140 million cubic metres which need only a decision for investment to be exploited.


BSOG continued its project supposing that the legislative documents adopted in 2018, supplementary taxation offshore and OUG 11 will be annulled as a whole.