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Intraday electricity market in Romania, coupled to 20 other European countries

 The intraday energy market of Romania was coupled on Tuesday afternoon with the similar markets of twenty other European countries, and the first quantities of energy were already delivered last night, stated Victor Ionescu, the director of market operator OPCOM.

The countries in question are Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Czechia, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

"This means that all traders in Romania will have at their disposal the same transaction instruments as in the other twenty European countries and there is the possibility of conducting cross-border energy transactions. It's a stage that proves our determination of being on the European energy market, on the best performing platforms and with European rules. It's a very complex process and a great challenge for us," Ionescu mentioned.

Coupling the intraday markets means, practically, that all traders of the coupled countries use the same digital platform for transactions, which offers total transparency regarding prices and transacted quantities.

"The first transactions were done last night, with delivery starting on November 20, 00:00 hrs," Ionescu said.

All this will lead to increasing liquidity on the market and increasing competition, he continued.

Five years ago, on November 19, 2014, the spot market for energy in Romania was coupled to those in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.