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The BRUA pipeline, among the priority projects in the domain of energy of the Initiative of the Three Seas


The project of the BRUA pipeline,phase 1 and 2, and the transport infrastructure the Black Sea – Podisor are the priority projects of the Initiative of the Three Seas (I3M) in the domain of energy and for the future, there will also be the retechnologisation of the storage houses according to the ministry of energy and economy.

‘Today the 27th November, there was the reunion between the representatives of the ministry of energy, economy and business environment and the representatives of the fund for investments for the initiative of the three seas (I3M). During the reunion there were presented the objectives for investment of the Fund I3M and the subject of the discussions focused on the priority national projects in the domain of energy. At this moment, in the list of priority projects I3M in the domain of energy there are three projects, BRUA phase 1, BRUA phase 2 and the transport infrastructure Black Sea-Podisor. All three projects are implemented by Transgaz and benefit from the European funding’ the representatives of the ministry write on the Facebook page.

According to  the quoted source, for the future, as a proposal for the project, we could have the retechnologisation of the storage houses, especially those which correspond to the BRUA route, in the context where Romania is interested to include BRUA on the route for the southern corridor.

‘The Initiative of the Three seas is a flexible and informal political platform at the presidential level, which reunites the 12 SM of the eU which are between the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Sea:Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The initiative has a purpose the growth of convergence and cohesion, in parallel to the reduction of the gap of economic development between the different zones and member states of the EU by the increase of interconnectivity in the region, in the domains of energy, transport and digital’ the quoted source says.

The main principles of the Initiative of the three Seas are the promotion of economic development, the growth of cohesion at European level and the consolidation of transatlantic connections.

The BRUA project has a purpose to ensure the access to new sources of gas, as well as the facilitation of the Caspian gas transport to the markets of Central Europe and Eastern Europe. The project ensures transport capacities of 1.5 billion cubic metres per year in or from the direction of Bulgaria and 4.4 billion cubic metres per year to or from Hungary.