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Oil companies in the whole world expect the new round of bids for the areas in Romania

Oil companies in the world expect the starting  of Round XI for oil perimeters concessions in Romania when 22 onshore areas and six offshore areas will be for bidding, stated Stephen Birell, the chairman of the Associatin of Oil Exploitation and Production Companies in Romania (ROPEPCA) in a meeting with the press. He showed that, although the National Authority for Mineral Resources (ANRM) stated as open the round IX for the bidding since last summer, the announcement has not been published yet in the Official Journal of the European Union. ‘We do not know why it has not been published yet and we do not know when’ Birell said.

Asked if there is interest on the part of the oil sector for these perimeters, he answered;” Absolutely! Yes! We have presented this during the meetings we had with various groups in the EU, in the UK and one of the groups includes 63 oil companies. There are companies interested and available money for these investments. The problem is stability and predictability’.

In July 2019, ANRM announced that they offered through public appeal the concession of the oil exploration, development and exploitation of 28 perimeteres during Round XI of bidding, according to an order of ANRM  chairman, published in the Official Gazette on 24 July.

ANRM published the lists of these perimeters. It is about 22 oil onshore areas and six offshore, with a total surface of approximately 1,000 square km.

According to the order, the date meaning the official opening of Round XI for public appeal for the bidding is the one when the announcement will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Starting with that date, on the basis of the written request, the ones interested will have access to the data and the geological information.

After the publication of the announcement  regarding the kick off of the round in the Official Journal of the EU those interested will have 120 working days to lodge their bids, at the headquarters of ANRM.

The details regarding the procedure for the organization and evaluation procedure will be published on the site of ANRM, after the apparition in the EU Journal of the announcement.

The previous round X was organized between 2009 – 2010, when ANRM  presented for bidding for concession of 30 oil perimeters out of which 12 onshore and 18 offshore.