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ROPEPCA requires the amendemtn of the law of oil, which has been unchanged for 15 years

The Association of the Companies for oil exploitation and production in Romania (ROPEPCA) requires the authorities to amend significantly the law of oil, no.238/2004, which does not correspond to the present realities in the market.

‘It is an law old of 15 years and it is time to modify it from several points of view. Firstly, it is about the access of oil companies to the areas, for exploitation. At present, if the owner of the area does not agree, the company can sue him, but the trial lasts for several years, which no investor really needs. We want a clear mechanism, optimal for all parties involved, which could give the owner the safety that he gets the money for the area which is used, and the investor needs to know what he has to do’ stated Saniya Melnicenco, the executive manager of ROPEPCA, in a meeting with the press.

Another amendment which is required by the oil people is the one connected to the way of accessing the data regarding the resources in the country underground, which should be classified, even confidential ones.

Other amendments required by ROPEPCA aim at the simplification of the procedures for certification from the National Agency for Mineral Resources, a better collaboration of the authorities for the emission of approvals and authorizations , such as the certification of the oil operations as being of public utility or national interest.