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The MOL group invested 200 million dollars in the 25 years of presence in Romania


The Hungarian group MOL announced they have invested approximately 200 million dollars in the 25 years of  presence in Romania, without taking into consideration the price for the acquisition of  petrol stations Shell and Agip, saying that the development strategy of MOL Romania is concentrated on three main pillars, on line with the strategy of the MOL Group: digitisation, development and diversification.


MOL Romania has an extended network of 234  services stations, 2 fuel storing units in Giurgiu and Tileagd, a GPL terminal in Tileagd, divisions for lubricants and petro-chemical products and an extended portfolio of products and sevices dedicated to natural persons and companies.


MOL Romania employs directly over 250 people in administrative headquarters, while over 2,700 people work in services stations in the whole country.


At present, the company is in a process of transformation from a retailer of petrochemical products into a supplier of complete services for the clients who are on the road, in line with the changes in the behaviour of the consumers and with the development strategy of the MOL Group,the biggest integrated company for petrol and gas in Central and Eastern Europe.


MOL Romania has contributed over 25 years  to the Romanian economy. MOL Romania is today a dynamic player, prepared to continue the journey together with employees, partners, clients and the communities where they activate’ Camelia Ene, CEO&country chairman of MOL Romania.


The MOL vision for the next ten years is that the filling stations will become integrated services stations for people on the road, either for food and coffee purchasing or recharging the electric cars.The company has already started the transformation process.


As a whole,the development strategy of MOL Romania is concentrated on three main pillars, in line with the MOL Group strategy: digitisation, development and diversification. At the same time, we have proposed to develop the logistic system and the network of filling stations at national level, at the same time with the diversification of the products and services in the portfolio, so that we meet the needs continuously changing of our clients’ the group says.


MOL Romania is a subsidiary of MOL Group and one of the most important oil companies in Romania, with a presence of 25 years on the domestic market. MOL Romania has an extended portfolio of products and services in the domain of commerce with fuels, lubricants, petrochemical products and bitum. At present, the company owns a number of 234 services stations, 2 storing units for fuels in Giurgiu and Tileagd and a terminal LPG in Tileagd.


The MOL group is an oil and gas company with headquarters in Budapest, Hungary and 25,000 employees in the whole world. At present, the activities of production cover nine countries, and those of exploitation 13 countries. The MOL group supervises three refineries and two petrochemical units at the level of integrated management of the supply chain in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. The company has a network of 1,933 services stations in ten countries in Central and Eastern Europe out of which 234 in Romania.