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Timmermans congratulates Romania on the decision to sign the statement regarding the use of PEE in the post-Covid period


The vicechairman of the European Commission Frans Timmermans congratulates Romania on the decision to sign the joint statement through which the Ecological European Pact (PEE) becomes the engine for the post Covid recovery according to the Facebook page of the ministry of environment.

‘Vicechairman Timmermans said in the letter addressed to  minister Costel Alexe as an answer to the signing of the statement, that the PEE objectives will continue to guide the activity of the Commission for a long period of time for a sustainable and neuter economy from the climatic point of view. That is why, the package of measures for the economic recovery recently adopted, shows the status of PEE as the new strategy for the growth of Europe and its role in a just, sustainable and quick recovery and not last of a just and fair transition which should not leave anybody behind’ the quoted source shows.‘

The minister of environment showed in May this year that the Ecological European Pact (PEE) proposes to mobilize at least 1,000 billion euro in the next 10 years.

‘These funds can be used inclusively for the development of the non-polluting sources of energy as well as for the ecological transition in energy, without social suffering.And moreover, Romania will have the chance to develop new industries and work places. COVID brought us home over one billion Romanians. The money in the Ecological European Pact can help use to create the conditions for the Romanians who came back home to stay in the country, beside their families’ stated Alexe on 14th May.

The Ecological European Pact is seen as a strategy of growth for the EU able to mobilize financial resources, to stimulate the economies and to create new workplaces in the post-crisis period by accelerating, at the same time, the transition to climatic neutrality in an efficient way from the point of view of costs.

The group of the 18 member states who signed the Statement consider the growth of the objective 2030 for the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions from at least 40% tyo 50-55%.