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Romanian Banks’ Association votes new Board of Directors

The General Assembly of the Romanian Banks’ Association (RBA) voted on Thursday the members of the Board of Directors. Sergiu Oprescu (Alpha Bank) left the board while two new members got in: Mirela Bordea (Credit Europe Bank) and Cornel Theodor Stanescu (Marfin Bank). The members’ mandate is for three years and Flroin Danescu will continue to be executive director of the Association.

The new Board of Directors will include: Chairman- Radu Gratian Ghetea, Deputy chairman – Petre Bunescu, member – Catalin Vasile Parvu, member – Sergiu Manea, member – Laurentiu Gabriel Mitrache, member – Mirela Bordea, member- Cornel Theodor Stanescu.


Set up as a professional association in May 1992, the Romanian Banks’ Association has now 39 members, private or state owned credit institutions, branches and representative offices of foreign banks. RBA concentrates the whole banking industry in Romania and is the voice of the banking sector in relation to Romanian authorities, IMF, EC, World Bank and other domestic and international bodies.

The main target is to represent and defend the members’ rights and interests. The priorities of the banking industry have in view to maintain the role of the banking system as main financier of Romania’s economy, by actions meant to strengthen financial discipline and ensure the stability and credibility of the banking sector.


Recently, the largest local banks set up a body parallel with RBA. The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), BRD Groupe societe Generale, Raiffeisen Bank and Unicredti Tiriac Banl with shares if 45% in the banking system, set up the first banking patronage in Romania, which will promote the interests of its members in front of authorities.


The Romanian banking sector finances mainly the Romanian economy, ensuring 92% of all financing granted by the Romanian financial system. The banking system in Romania, which serves millions of clients proved to be resilient in the crisis period and did not need any public funds to support it. RBA is a member of the European Banking Federation, of the European Payments Council, of the European Mortgage Federation and other international bodies.