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7,000 foreign workers can be admitted in the Romanian labour market in 2018

The government decided by decision, last Thursday, that 7,000 foreign workers will be admitted to the labour market in Romania in 2018, based on hiring approvals. According to a press release,  the document approved by the Executive stipulates that the contingent of newly admitted workers will be supplemented by 1,500 jobs. The number of permanent workers will grow from 3,000 to 4,000  and that of detached workers from 700 to 1,200.

The document also provides other types of hiring or detachment: people transferred within the same company - 700, highly trained workers -500, seasonal workers- 400, workers on probation -100 and cross border workers -100.

“The decision to supplement the contingent of newly admitted workers was made to prevent situations on which foreigners work in Romania illegally, or as a result of requests made by the General Inspectorate for Immigration”,  the press release shows.

At the same time, the measure adopted by the government took into account data offered by the National Agency for Labour Force, according to which 58,848 jobs were declared vacant by employers over January-August, while in the first 8 months the average number of vacant jobs declared by employers was 7,306.