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Defence Ministers from states member of "Bucharest 9 Initiative" to meet at Parliament Palace, March 12-14


Ministers of Defence from the states member of the "Bucharest 9 Initiative" are set to meet on Monday at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest to harmonize their national standpoints with respect to the topics on the agenda of the NATO Summit in July this year, reads a release of the Ministry of National Defence.

"The event, to take place over March 12-14, represents an opportunity for harmonizing the national standpoints of the states member of the B9 format on topics to be included with the agenda of the NATO Summit in July 2018, especially related to the strengthening of the NATO deterrence and defence policy, with the Eastern flank as priority, in order to ensure that a political decision is taken on this topic at the Summit," informs MApN.

Moreover, during the works of the B9 states in Bucharest, there will be approached such issues related to the process of adaptation of the NATO command structure, the risks and threats represented by the Eastern vicinity of the Alliance, as well as the modalities to strengthen resilience on the Baltic Sea-Black Sea- Adriatic Sea axis, including through ensuring complementarity with regional forms.

Moreover, there are to be debated such possibilities of enhancing inter-operability of B9 allied forces with the USA ones, increasing mobility of troops on the Eastern flank, deciding on a common approach in strengthening cooperation between NATO and the European Union.

Participating in the reunion there will be Defence Ministers from Bulgaria the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Polish Republic, Romania and the Slovakian Republic, but also NATO officials and officials of the US State Department.