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Government approves payment of study on Romanian communities living abroad to OCED


The government approved, by Decision, the payment of a financial contribution of 75,000 euros to the budget of the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCED) for a study about Romanian communities living abroad.

The study has in view mainly the dimension of Romanian communities living in OCED member states, the main states of destination, geographic spreading of specific groups, statistics about distribution of age, gender, education level, status in the labour market, the main domains of activity, a comparative analysis with other diaspora communities. The study will also include data about the main reasons of emigration and factors which could determine the return to Romania, the present tendencies compared to communities in other emigration states, evolutions in the field of emigration and repatriation. The document will be completed and sent to the Romanian side in 18 months after the payment of the contribution.

The project is supported by the Ministry for Romanians Everywhere, considering the congruent objectives of MRE and Foreign Ministry, while the necessary funds will be ensured from the Foreign Ministry budget of 2017.