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Institutions from Serbia, Belgium, R. Moldova, France, Turkey and Croatia, among clients of Teamnet, a company founded by Sebastian Ghita


The Serbian Interior Ministry, the Serbian Border Police and the Securities Committee from Serbia were among the clients of Teamnet, the company founded by Sebastian Ghita and which has offices in several countries in Europe: Serbia, Belgium, R. Moldova, France, Turkey and Croatia, according to the Teamnet website.

In September 2015, the Labour Ministry from Turkey assigned a public procurement contract to a Turkish consortia, net to Teamnet, to provide technical assistance on IT services (software, Internet and service). The total value of the cntract mounted to EUR 2.8 M, according to the assignment notes released in the EU Tenders Electronic Daily dedicated to the public procurement in Europe.

The same source revealed that Teament had joined similar consortium for contracts with EU in Serbia or Bosnia Herzegovina and evena contract with the Finance Ministry in Zambia.

Teamnet has also expanded activity in Middle East and northern Africa and has offices opened in Bucharest, Iasi, Galati, Bistrita Nasaud, Belgrade, Brussels, Chisinau, Lausanne, Istanbul and Zagreb.

Three Serbian state institutions are among the clients in the Teamnet portfolio: Interior Ministry, Border Police and the Securities Committee.

The Teamnet executive director is Bogdan Padiu. Ghita has founded the company and has represented it until 2012.

In February this year Bogdan Padiu has been prosecuted and detained for abetment in influence peddling and money laundering and setting up an organized criminal group in the file where Sebastian Ghita is prosecuted. Prosecutors say that Ghita would have asked over EUR 50 M from several IT companies to obtain contracts with the state.

Ghita and Padiu had well defined duties within this criminal group. While Ghita was the initiator of the group and used to pretend money from some IT companies rto obtain contracts financed by public money, Padiu, as Teamnet representative and Cristian Anastasescu, Asesoft representative, used to manage the received money and to introduce them in a financial circuit through fictitious documents that made them look legal.