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Iohannis: PSD is trying to eliminate the institution of the President, the CSAT respectively, from certain procedures

The adoption by the Senate of the OUG (Emergency Ordinance of the Government - ed. n.) on the General Directorate of Internal Protection (DGPI) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) by which the opinion of the Supreme Council for Country Defence (CSAT) is axed from the appointment and dismissal from office of the DGPI head is an error, said on Thursday the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, adding that eventually he will attack the said decision to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR). 

"This is outrageous, it's an error, a mistake, as you wish. As long as the institution is militarised it cannot operate without an opinion from the CSAT. Period. And, no matter what the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies wish, this is how the bodies operate in Romania, according to the Constitution and if this solution is maintained, which is unconstitutional, in my opinion, obviously the case will be lodged to the Constitutional Court. (...) Eventually, I'll attack it myself to the CCR, but for now we wait for the Parliament to come to its senses and enter normalcy," Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Palace. 

He went on by saying that this piece of legislation has been adopted by the Senate in this shape due to political reasons. 
"I can see here a political reason on the Social Democratic Party (PSD ruling party)'s behalf. It is obvious enough after the case with the ANCOM, now the case with this MAI's service, the PSD is trying to eliminate the institution of the President, the CSAT respectively, from certain procedures. It's an error," he added. 

President Iohannis also commented on the project through which the head of the state is axed from the chief prosecutors' appointment procedure. 

"So far I've noticed that the process was halted and perhaps the initiators do come to their senses in this matter, too," said the president.

Referring to the Internal Anti-Corruption Protection Service (SIPA) archives, president Iohannis said that : "It's interesting how such reheated soups surface in the public space at certain political moments and how, suddenly, some become amnesic, some become silent, others become gabber".

He specified that such topics must not remain for long in the public space. The president added that he is expecting "transparency" on the Justice Minister's behalf on this issue.

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Thursday that he is in favour of the archives of the Internal Anti-Corruption Protection Srevbice (SIPA) being declassified, adding that the various scarecrows, various chimaeras of some have to end. 

"I am supporting declassification and I say it bluntly that it has comply with the law. (...) There are various levels of classification of the documents in the archives, which I do not know; I do not know details. I have asked Mr. Minister to collect data, and he is also in favour; I believe it is very good for us to know who have had access to the archives, which is something the minister has to find out and he will. (...) Why am I supporting the demarche? Because the so called scarecrows and chimaeras some might have need to end. And this is the best way, as I was saying, if complying with the law, and I am convinced the legal procedures will be followed," Grindeanu told a news conference on Thursday. 

In an interview to AGERPRES on Wednesday, Grindeanu said he supports Justice Minister Tudorel Toader's declassifying the SIPA archives, insisting that there are things Romanians must learn about this issue. 

He also said that on Tuesday he summoned the justice minister at the Government offices and one of the topics they discussed related to the SIPA archives.