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Military Ordinance No. 8 : Extended suspension of commercial flights to and from Spain by 14 days

Interior Minister Marcel Vela announced on Thursday evening that the suspension of commercial flights to and from Spain was extended starting April 14.

"We have extended the measure of suspending commercial flights carried out by airline operators to Spain and from Spain to Romania on a 14-day period, starting April 14. The measure does not apply to flights operated with state-owned aircraft, freight and mail carrier flights, humanitarian flights or those ensuring emergency medical services, as well as non-commercial technical landings," Marcel Vela said, while presenting measures of Military Ordinance No. 8.

He added that this measure is going to be enforced if the prerogative in the area of the interior minister is maintained in the decree on extension of the state of emergency.

"The measure is also enforced after the state of emergency period established under decree no 195 of 2020 issued by Romania's President only if the state of emergency on Romania's territory is extended and if in the decree on the extension of the state of emergency the prerogative of the interior minister of establishing, by military ordinance, the gradual restriction of air traffic on various routes is maintained," the minister pointed out.

He also announced on Thursday evening that exports of wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice, wheat flour, soybeans, seed oil and sugar are to be suspended during the state of emergency.

Military Ordinance No. 8 on specific measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was published on Friday in the Official Journal.

The text of the ordinance shows that the measures come into force starting with the publication of the document in the Official Journal.