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Romania enters the electoral year of 2019: the elections with the highest stakes


The Romanians will go twice to vote in 2019 once in May to send their representatives to the European Parliament and the second time, at the end of the year to choose the president of Romania. The present head of state Klaus Iohannis is the first who entered the race for Cotroceni.

The Romanians will go to the voting poles in May to elect their European deputies.

The soial-democrat – PSD (ruling party) chairman Liviu Dragnea avoided recently to say what is the target of the party for the European parliament elections, but he mentioned that the leaders of the party will analyse and will see what the situation is.

Most probably, the one which opened the list five years ago and who has the position of European commissionaire Corina Cretu will not get an eligible place for the European Parliament after she was criticized by the leaders of the party. On the list of the social-democrats might be the present vice-chairman of the EP Mircea Pascu, the leader of the PSD MEPs, Dan Nica as well as Victor Bostinaru.

In the domestic run of the liberals (PNL - opposition) entered several leaders of the party as well as two of the former chairmen Crin Antonescu and Vasile Blaga respectively.

The PNL chairman Ludovic Orban stated that there are 49 liberals on the list and each of them ‘ has his/her chance’.

The People Movement Party – PMP (opposition ) list will be opened according to some sources of the party by the former minister of foreign affairs Cristian Diaconescu after the former president Traian Basescu declined the proposal of the party.

Union save Romania - USR ( opposition) is the first party which established at the end of November the final list of the candidates for the European Parliament elections of May 2019 following a domestic survey.

Cristian Ghinea is the first in the list of candidates of USR for the European Parliament being elected with 13,662 points offered by the members of the party. Second is Clotilde Armand, followed by Nicolae Bogdanel Stefanuta.

However, the leader of the party Dan Barna did not exclude a joint list with the political body of the former premier Dacian Ciolos.

In 2019 there will be presidential elections as well.

The first who announced his candidature for the Cotroceni Palace was Klaus Iohannis who announced on 23 June that he was determine to run for another  mandate of president of Romania.

Although they did not exclude the intention of running against the present head of state the chairmen of ruling coalitition PSD – ALDE, Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu could run on the part of then alliance of the two political parties, or separately.

Liviu Dragnea stated, when asked about a candidature for the presidential elections that he did not reject any variant, ‘ neither with me or Mr.Tariceanu., nor anybody else’. The PSD chairman said that there should be a conclusion in the coalition, in a reasonable period of time, that there should be one candidate.