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The world ranking of generosity: Romania, 102nd out of 144 countries


Romania is 102nd out of 144 countries in the 2018 edition of the world ranking of generosity, made by Charities Aid Foundation, a foundation with the headquarters in London.

The nineth edition of CAF World Giving Index used the data obtained between 2013 and 2017 starting from the proportion of citizens in a country who announced they helped an alien, donated money and took part in voluntary actions during the month which preceded the answers to the foundation survey.

In 2018, in the world index of giving made by Charities Aid Foundation, Indonesia which, in the previous years was second,now reached the first place, with more than half of the answers (59%) indicating the openness to helping the other citizens.

The top is completed by Australia, New Zeeland and the United States with 58%.

According to the ranking, Romania with 27% is 102nd out of 144 countries.

Romania got many points in the section dedicated to helping the aliens (54%), ranking where our country was placed 56th. If, as regards the donations of money, they were present enough, 20% stating they offered different sums to aliens, in the domain of involvement in voluntary actions, Romania got towards the end of the ranking, only five other countries being below.

139th place occupied by Romania in this section was brought by a percentage of only 6% positive answers to the survey regarding volunteering.

‘We made the CAF World Giving Index over the last nine months as it is very difficult to have a clear image with regards to the level of generosity in different countries’ says John Low, executive manager of Charities Aid Foundation.