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The finances want to borrow 3.26 billion lei in January with 7.5% less than in December

The total sum which the ministry of public  finances (MFP) intends to borrow in January is 3.26 billion lei, almost 24% less than the sum of the previous month and 7.5% less than what they borrowed in December, the announcement of the institution says.

By comparison, the finances announced that they planned to draw from the markets in December 4.28 billion lei with 10.7% more than in the previous month but they borrowed with 17.6 % less, over 3.52 billion lei.

In order to get the sum, MFP announced they sold in January 2019 bonds worth 500 million lei, with 100 million lei less than in the previous month, in a single bid which will be organized on 17 January and which will have a maturity of one year.

Moreover, MFP plans six sessions where to sell governmental bonds,one fewer than in the previous month, and the total sum is 2.76 billion lei with 25% less than in the previous month.

More exactly, MFP wants to borrow a sum close to 2.4 billion lei, with 25% less than the targeted one in December, which they should complete with another 360 million lei through six supplementary sessions of non-conventional bids, a level, with 25% under the one targeted in December. The finances will organize six sessions of bonds of 400 million lei each, with 60 million lei each from the non-competitional ones as correspondence.